Raj Kapoor

Raj Kapoor – BS degree in Accounting and Management from Delhi University. Emphasis

Mr. Raj Kapoor –Team Member: BS degree in Accounting and Management from Delhi University. Emphasis on marketing and business management. Has taken multiple training and management courses over the years including the American Institute of Baking (AIB), Kansas State University, and the Northern Crop Institute (North Dakota). Raj has been working with USDA co-operators (U.S. Wheat Associations, American Soybean Associations, USA Fig Board, California Agricultural Council and U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council) since 1988. He is a national convener of major associations including Indian Bakers Federation and Soy Food Promotional & Welfare Association. He is Member of Food Processing Committee of Confederation of India (National Chamber of Commerce). Raj is also associated with the Indian Culinary Association. He is also National Resource Person of Food Safety Authority of India (FSSAI) and Certified Food Safety Trainer of USDA.

  • He is a supply chain, agricultural market development and accounting expert with extensive experience in Asia.
  • Key area of working is Project Management/Supervisor, market development, enterprise development and administration with project implementation.
  • He has successfully worked market access and reverse market development programs.
  • Actively involved in market development for Wheat, Soybean, fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts, vegetables, processed foods, Soy foods, and food ingredients, etc. 
  • Having vast networking with Indian importers/processors and officials, etc. in India, Sri Lanka, UAE, Gulf Countries, Bangladesh, and Nepal, etc., he been successfully conducting Business to Business match making specially for Agriculture Sector including fresh fruits, nuts, spices, dried fruits, pules, vegetables, processed foods, and beverages, etc. 
  • In addition, he has worked closely for B2B linkages for the various projects of USAID, covering sectors including Marble, cashmere, wool, carpets, gems, jewelry, fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts, spices, processed foods, and health.
  • He has expert knowledge of value chains for a wide range of products across the agriculture spectrum.
  • Experience in conducting market assessment, trade reviews of USAID funded projects in
    • Afghanistan; India, UAE; Soy food products and Soy in Bakery for American Soybean Association in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and India; US Blueberry Market assessment in India, Sri Lanka, and UAE; and US Fig Market Assessment in India, etc.
  • Conducts research regarding commodity growth prospects in new markets.
  • Designs and coordinates research and training summits for agricultural and trade industry experts.
  • Experience representing international companies and brining foreign market suppliers into the Indian market.

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