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Find growing tips specifically for northern gardeners—so you can spend less time digging for useful info and more time in your beautiful garden.

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You want to garden, not waste time and money on a glut of irrelevant information from other places.  For 155+ years, we've been supporting northern gardeners with classes, Northern Gardener magazine and bimonthly enews. So you can quickly get the right information you can trust, and get back into your garden with the confidence and support you deserve.


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Our members are loving the benefits...

I love the discounts with the member card. I like to keep track of what that is saving me. I think it pretty much pays for the yearly membership.

Linda, Minneapolis

You can get other magazines and learn about plants that only last five minutes here. I like that the magazine is practical and local.

Lollie, Golden Valley

Thank you for the fantastic talk on “Planning Your Spring Garden.” You had so much information and direction we loved it. You covered it all - rotation, companions, successions, placement of plants and flowers for weed and insect control and use of cover crops.

Prudy, Olmsted County Master Gardeners

Yes, Yes, Yes! I do want my membership renewed. I do so love the magazine and, as a master gardener involved with community gardens, I appreciate MN Green program!

Doris, Minneapolis

Being in a northern climate, it’s nice to have things specific to my growing zone. I love taking tours of other people’s gardens as we do this through the magazine and see what others are doing. I like the environmental information. You guys have a finger on the pulse what is going on with our planet.

Cathleen, Bird Creek, Alaska

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