• Strategic Marketing
• Market Communications
• Product Positioning/Launching
• Consumer Awareness Programs/Trade Shows
• Industry Liaising
• Development of Nutrition and Health Communication Materials
• Development of Recipes and Recipe Books/Booklets
• Development of Promotional Material (Brochures/Articles/Spots) for Magazines, Newspapers, and TV
• Corporate Presentations and Nutrition Education Material (Nutrition Kits)

Social Marketing and Communication: The focus is on consumer needs. Program organization and management can be structured to reflect a marketing operation. For example, health workers' job descriptions and their training are restructured so that they become better sales agents for the program, not just deliverers of services. Commercial avenues are sought for products which were traditionally kept in the health sector. Alliances are forged with private-sector agencies to bring consumer research, advertising, and marketing skills into programme design, implementation, and monitoring. A marketing orientation is brought to bear on the campaign, and progress toward achieving goals is constantly measured.

Project Planning Aspects
• Focus on Behaviour of Target Group
• Audience Segmentation
• Creating Demand
• Enhancing Creativity and Techniques that Social Marketers use
• Qualitative Research
Key work area: Orientation and training to grass root level workers in rural and urban area of welfare/feeding programs including Integrated Child Development Services, Mid-Day Meals, NGOs, government officials, industry representatives, etc.

Social Communication: Assocom specializes in social communication and advertising, from conceptualization and planning to execution.

Public Relations: Assocom India helps organizations monitor and evaluate public attitudes and maintain mutually beneficial relations with target groups (government, consumers, employees and the media).

Key Activities:

  • Employee Relations
  • Speech Writing
  • Issues Communication
  • Public Affairs / Lobbying
  • Image Building
  • Community Relations
  • Financial PR
  • Advocacy PR
  • Corporate Advertising
  • Educational PR
  • Issue based PR
  • Issues Management
  • Community Relations
  • Strategic Corporate Communications
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
Media Relations: Dealing with press / electronic media etc. has been one of core expertise Assocom-India. The efficient interplay of TV, printed media, PR, local partner events and professional contact management via personal, the Internet and by telephone are the key to the success our media relation activity.



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