Management: Assocom-India is headed by founder and Managing Director Mr. Raj Kapoor along with other experience board members. Mr. Kapoor has more than 25 years of experience in working with US Co-operators (US Wheat Associates, US High Bush Blue Berry Council, American Soybean Association and Grain Industry Alliance) and International and Indian Food Industries with excellent network of potential contacts and activities.

Project Consultants: We have team of qualified and experience MBA in Management and Finance with 8-12+ years of experience. They have hold key positions in Investment Banking and telecom companies, food business companies/retail, project planning and implementation. They also experienced finance professional with expertise in corporate finance, mergers & acquisition, financial re-engineering and valuation. Their expertise in business planning and strategy preparation expert having successfully helped a number of companies in submitting proposals to various government and private agencies. We closely work with early stage, start up and small & medium sized (SME) companies.

Event Organizers / Promoters: Our well trained team diligently undertake all facets of planning, organizing and following through on all meetings, convention or event messaging and logistical details. The event planners oversee everything from high level theme and messaging communication to the practical logistics of ordering all the services and products involved. In addition, our event promoters assist in the carrying out advertising, sponsorships and marketing duties needed to make events successful.

Media and Graphic Designers: Our professional team of Media and Graphic Designers are experienced and expert in creation of the visual components of various types of media including TV, film, movies, posters, leaflets, magazines, written material and even advertising. With verbal briefs from the client, team can develop a creative way to capture both the information and the emotion that the production is trying to show. They have extensive education in art, filming and graphic design.

Social Marketing Experts: This team is responsible for developing a comprehensive social marketing/communications strategy for the community, including a social marketing strategic plan in coordination with clients, conducts all social marketing, public education and public relation activities. They also undertake review of all press releases and media scheduling, securing in-kind advertising and placement schedules, ensuring that all message strategies and collateral materials are consistent with philosophy of the system of care, collaborate with the Education / Cultural Competency coordinator to ensure all media and strategic planning addresses the needs of the community. In addition, they are responsible for providing periodic social marketing and community outreach summaries to the client.

Marketing Personnel: Our marketing team has valuable business development and marketing experience. They have been handing organization events, promotional and other activities successfully. Their strength is in developing successful market strategies.

Food Technologists: Our team consists of Food technologists who have earned doctorates from reputed Indian Universities and have research experience in working with Indian food industries as well as exposure to international markets.

Nutritionists: We have qualified nutritionists from reputed universities. One of our nutrition team member has done post-doctoral researches at European and US universities. Team members have teaching experience at and with international organizations.

Accounting and Financial Personnel: We have dedicated budgeting, accounting and financial experts with experience in handling domestic and international financial transactions. They are at the same time abreast with all Government of India accounting and reporting requirements



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