Assocom Ltd. is India’s foremost consultancy with an extensive network of professionals across the country and highly competent industrial/government relations/academia, for providing extensive solutions in the food, agriculture and hospitality and tourism industry. The world class services of the company also cover a broad specialization in technical market research and promotion. Our meticulous research tasks ensure the most innovative outcomes in market promotion, market development, societal and market sponsorship. Besides these diverse specializations we create the widest network of effective communications with marketing public relations, industry standard training solutions, representations, conferences and quality education.

Since its foundation, Assocom Ltd. Has had been providing leading industry solutions with a comprehensive and an impacting team of permanent experts across India, Australia, Sri Lanka, UK, Nigeria, Afghanistan, USA and Ethiopia.

Whatever aspect you may call for, Assocom will come up with the widest range of services with the domain’s knowledge and an immense experience in the neighboring nations as well as the west. Primarily our key focus work area consist of coarse grains, food grains, bakery technology, nutrition and food fortification, product development, skill enhancement, enterprise development and subjects in culinary science and food technology. These solutions are the most innovative ones amongst a horde of the latest expertise on processed foods, research and hospitality that is emerging worldwide.

A number of significant references are available from us on numerous activities and projects accomplished by us over our 24 years of expertise. These are readily available for our clients whenever they wish for.

Additionally to leverage this, Assocom-India established India’s leading and the only State-of-the-Art Bakery Technology and Management Institute in Greater Noida with its auxiliary organization Seven Pillars Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. at 30/25, knowledge Park, 3 Greater Noida. An inventive food testing lab is contained for conducting commercial tests and training.



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